Mother’s Day



Served from 8h30 – 11h30


Classic English Breakfast – R79

2 eggs (choose your style), 3 rashers of farm style bacon,
3 grilled pork or beef cocktail sausages,
grilled tomato and rosti
Served with toast and preserves


Breakfast Platter – R98

2 eggs (choose your style), 3 beef or pork cocktail sausages,

savoury mince, 3 rashers of bacon, grilled tomato,
baked beans, mushrooms and rosti

Served with toast and preserves


Spinach Eggs Benedict – R75

Poached eggs on Mushroom, wilted spinach,

Tomato smothered in Hollandaise Sauce

Salmon Eggs Benedict – R95

Poached eggs and smoked salmon on a bed of

English Muffins (or rosti potatoes) smothered

in Hollandaise Sauce

Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict – R95

Poached eggs and pulled pork on a bed of

English Muffins (or rosti potatoes) smothered

in Hollandaise Sauce


Health Breakfast – R58

Freshly sliced fruit served with crunchy home style muesli
and creamy low fat yoghurt

Finished off with a drizzle of honey


Vegetarian Breakfast – R64

Grilled Halloumi, eggs, rosti, mushrooms,

Tomatoes and baked beans

Served with Toast and preserves


Flapjacks with Bacon – R55

Three flapjacks layered with bacon,

topped with Maple Syrup and sliced banana



Slice of White or Brown bread Toast – R4 each
Egg (choose your style), 2 rashers bacon – R5 each
Mushrooms, Chips – R15

2 pieces of Halloumi – R20
Slice of Rye, Health, Banting or Gluten free bread or toast R11


Lunch Menu


Black Mushrooms
– R45

Grilled Black Mushrooms smothered

with Blue Cheese Sauce
Spicy Portuguese Chicken Livers – R55

Served with slices of Portuguese roll
Creamy Garlic Snails – R79
Served with slices of Portuguese roll

Grilled Halloumi Cheese – R45

Halloumi served with a Sweet chilli sauce dipping sauce

Greek Salad – R50

Fresh lettuce topped with tomato, cucumber, pepper,

sliced onions, crumbly feta cheese, olives and avocados

Finished off with olive oil vinaigrette

Main Course

Mediterranean Chicken Roulade – R110

Tender chicken breast butterflied and rolled with Spinach,

Calamata Olives, Sundried tomatoes and

Parmesan cheese with a Parmesan crust

Beef Fillet – R160
Grilled to your liking

Spiced up with one of the following sauces – R22
Mushroom, Monkey Gland, Pepper or Cheese

Grilled Sole – R195

Served in a delicate lemon butter sauce

Lamb Shank – R190

Slow roasted and served with vegetables of your choice


Dishes above

All served with your choice of two vegetables

Rice, chips, mashed potatoes, cauliflower mash, mixed vegetables,

creamed spinach or butternut mash


Lamb Curry – R140

Served with rice and sambals

Vegetable Lasagne – R95

Seasonal vegetables, layers of lasagne,

creamy béchamel sauce and a tomato and herb sauce

au gratin with a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese

Calamari Salad – R115

Grilled Calamari, tomatoes, cucumber, Avocado and onions

on a bed of lettuce with a Honey balsamic dressing

Smoked Salmon Trout Salad – R115

Salmon Trout, avocado and cream cheese

served on a bed of lettuce, tomato, peppers and capers

Crème Brulee
– R44
Traditional Egg custard made with cream

topped with a blackened sugar crust on a tangy berry base
Lemon Meringue – R45
Tangy lemon filling on a biscuit base

Fresh Fruit Salad and Ice cream – R46
Freshly made fruit salad with rich vanilla ice cream
Profiteroles – R45

Choux pastry ball filled with vanilla custard
and drizzled with chocolate


Please call 011 462 8710 to book

If you experience difficulties with this number please use 083 302 7626 or 083 7000 425

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