Photography at Blandford Manor.

Blandford Manor is a popular destination for professional photographers

Blandford Manor is a popular destination for professional photographers

Blandford Manor is the ideal destination for all forms of photography.

The gardens provide the ideal backdrop for all family and group photos, while the old English architecture offers unparalleled opportunities to frame photos or for photos that require a more structured appearance.

Corporates may also use the venue for commercial photographic purposes ranging from print media (such as magazines) through TV commercials and programming production shoots to full length movie production.

The buildings themselves also provide opportunities, both inside and out, for a variety of different photographic missions.

To date the venue has been used for, amongst other, the following:

  • Private and professional family and group photo sessions
  • Matric Photos
  • Garden (vista / scenic) shoots
  • Wedding albums
  • Magazine photo shoots
  • TV production shoots


In all cases charges apply, as follows:

  • Family or group photos – R50 per adult, (note: ALL members of the party must pay including the photographer, photographers assistants and spectators)
  • Commercial photography (magazines etc) outdoors – Charge R1000 per day for casual day use (hand held equipment only)
  • Where an indoor venue is required then the appropriate venue hire charge applies.
  • When exclusive use of an area is required, then an additional charge applies
  • For extended use (movies etc) – price by negotiation.

Note: Restrictions apply as to the manner in which the venue may be used and how large equipment may be deployed – all such matters to be discussed with management prior to commencement.

Bona Fide restaurant clients are welcome to make use of the venue for ad hoc family and garden photos, however this only applies where guests have FIRST availed themselves of our restaurant for a meal and the photography is of a strictly casual nature. Note that this does NOT apply when professional cameras and equipment are being used or where the photographer is a professional photographer.

Should casual restaurant patrons wish to visit the gardens first and then visit the restaurant, then the FULL FEE must be paid in advance and the amount paid will be credited against your meal on a per person basis (provided the price of your meal is greater than R100 pp).

Commercial photographers may NOT use this approach as a method for avoiding payment of the standard fee.

Payment is required IN FULL prior to commencement – in ALL cases.

Note: No children under 15 years of age allowed




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