The Wild Goose Cafe is the ideal destination for every type of function or event that you may be planning, including:

  • Year-end functions
  • Corporate days
  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Bachelorettes
  • Memorials

The surroundings are perfect and our highly trained staff are ready to attend to your every whim, Private Functions at The Wild Goose are simply the best.

When we prepare meals we only use the very best ingredients, our meat is the best grade supplied by the German butchery, our Danish pastries come from Denmark, our Croissants come from France, our Cream comes from Ireland, and our herbs are home grown, how much more attention to quality could you ever expect.

We cater for all types of functions

Most functions take place in our gardens, but the deck and several indoor venues are also available (at a charge) if you prefer.

Please note that our normal operating hours are 08h30 to 18h00 Tuesday to Saturday (we close at 17h30 on Sunday), last orders for the bar are 30 minutes before closing and the kitchen closes 1 hour before closing time.

Larger functions (more than 20 people) can be arranged after hours.

Please note that we do not cater for children under the age of 15 years unless the entire venue is booked or a private function is booked after hours – children attending such functions must be controlled and must remain indoors after 18h00 due to the large expanse of open water on the property.

Music is not permitted in the gardens unless the entire restaurant has been booked in which case light music is permitted.

Light music is permitted in-doors for functions that have exclusive use of a particular venue.

A variety of menus are available for functions, including the following:

MenuPrice (Rand)Comments
Finger Food Menu 1R165
Finger Food Menu 2R185
Finger Food Menu 3R205
High Tea MenuR255
Canape MenuR325Choose 8 items
Tapas MenuR315Choose 10 items
Breakfast / Brunch MenuR175 - R225 - R295Min 20 people
Manorhouse BuffetR245Min 20 people
Classic BuffetR305Min 20 people - Plated starter
Spit BraaiR325Min 20 people
Traditional BraaiR265Min 20 people
Speciality Plated MenuR345Max 40 people
Conference BuffetR150Only for extra guests at Conference

In addition you may like to consider our High Tea menu or one of our Finger Food, Tapas or Canape menus. Please refer to our menu pages for more details.

No food or drink may be brought in, this includes cakes and cup cakes. A ‘Corkage’ or ‘Cakeage’ charge applies should you ignore this request. Please note that we can prepare cakes, cup-cakes etc to your specifications provided we have sufficient time.

Notes regarding how functions are organised:

Functions are treated differently to standard restaurant bookings, the essential differences are as follows:

  1. In addition to tables and chairs, you are provided with table linen and tables are pre-set with cutlery, crockery and glassware to suit your chosen menu.
  2. You are allowed to bring in and pre-arrange (before your guests arrive) any decor that you wish, overlays, seat covers (Seat covers can be provided – R15 ea), tie backs, balloons, bunting, Chinese lanterns etc* (please note NO confetti or glitter is allowed)
  3. With Buffet meals, you will be provided with a full buffet setup adjacent to your tables.
  4. Extra tables are provided for your cake and presents (on request)
  5. A self-service tea and coffee station can be provided – charge R400
  6. We will prepare meals for service at a pre-arranged time to suit your plans.

* Notes regarding decorations:

  • No confetti or glitter is allowed –  a cleaning charge of R500 will be added to your account if you ignore this request.
  • Please remember to bring everything you need to decorate your area, the venue DOES NOT provide anything (Scissors, tape, ribbon, glue, ladders, staplers etc are all your responsibility)
  • Waiters are there to serve food and beverage to ALL our clients, they are NOT available to assist you in carrying items to and from your car or for helping you decorate the area around your tables.

Other Notes on Functions

  • We allow 6 hours maximum for functions, this includes time for setup and decorating plus time to ‘break down’ and remove all decor etc.
  • The Classic Menu has a plated starter
  • All our function menus now include a basic charge for waiter service. Should you feel that your waiters have done a really good job then please give them a little extra gratuity as a thank you and to encourage them in the future.
  • For drinks, a basic tab is required (minimum R50 pp), when this has been used, you may revert to a cash bar.
  • No take-aways or doggy bags are allowed with buffet meals
  • Buffet meals remain at the serving stations for a maximum of 90 minutes from time of serving.
  • We prepare meals for service at the time requested. Should you, on the day, ask for service at a different time, then this may not be possible due to preparation time and other demands on the kitchen. Should you ask for a delay in the serving time, then we cannot guarantee that the food will remain fresh and retain the quality that we aspire to.
  • Should more guests arrive than were expected, then we will make every effort to serve them and you will be charged at the same rate as other guests. We cannot however guarantee that we will be able to accommodate them.
  • You will be charged for the number of guests that you advise us to expect latest 3 days before your function – this is the number we will set for and also the number we will prepare food for.
  • Please keep us informed as to any guests with specific dietary requirements (vegetarian etc). We will try to assist with serving them however we reserve the right to add an additional charge for preparing separate meals for guests with special dietary needs.
  • Strict Halaal and Kosher meals must be obtained from outside agencies and a surcharge applies – please discuss this with us at least 4 days before your function as no orders can be placed after this time.
  • Full payment for pre-arranged meals is required in advance and must reflect in our bank account prior to commencement.
  • Buffet menus are only available for groups of 20 or more, Tea and snack menus are available for groups of 8 or more.
  • All our standard function menus include our Function Fee but for all functions choosing to eat from our a-la-carte menu (maximum 20 people), a minimum charge of R100 pp applies. This then entitles you to the same benefits as outlined above.

A note on Venues:

  • Please remember that our function fee provides for use of a garden setting during the day only – no exclusivity is provided. If you would like to host your function indoors or after hours (after 18h00) then an additional venue hire charge applies.
  • If you would like to have a room for your ‘exclusive use’ then an additional venue hire charge applies.
  • In  the event of bad weather, functions are moved indoors where all available space will be shared by guests – no room will be provided on an exclusive basis unless pre-arranged and paid for. Note that we do not move functions indoors because of the weather until earliest 1 hour before the function when it is clear that the weather will be unsuitable. Any earlier requests will only be accepted if the venue hire charge has been paid.
  • Please note that if you wish to play music indoors then you will automatically be charged for exclusive use of the venue.
  • Should you request to make use of additional items such as the data projector, PA system, sound system, flip charts, carpets etc, then each item provided will be charge for at our standard rates – see conference bookings for details or request prices.
  • Please note that there are strict rules regarding sound at Blandford Manor, please ensure that you are familiar with these rules before proceeding with your booking.




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