About our Food

 About our food

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The Wild Goose Cafe is located at Blandford Manor in North Riding, and provides all the catering for our restaurant, conferences, functions and events.

Our Philosophy

At Blandford Manor we have a very simple philosophy, we keep it simple.

All our dishes are based on tried and tested traditional recipes. Wherever possible we use the original name and we try to describe the dish as simply and accurately as possible. The ingredients used are the ingredients specified in the original recipe unless these are not available in which case we substitute with whatever is closest.

Restaurant Quality Food

All our meals are lovingly and freshly prepared by our eight dedicated, highly trained and experienced chefs using only the very finest ingredients. The same team of chefs prepare meals for our a-la-carte restaurant as well as a wide range of speciality function menus including: Braais , Buffets, Cocktails, Teas and various Finger Food Menus. This means that everyone visiting Blandford Manor receives restaurant quality meals.

With the very best ingredients

When we say that we use only the very best ingredients, we mean it, we are always checking the quality of our food and only use suppliers that we feel that we can truly rely on. Our philosophy is, if you don’t start with the best ingredients, you can never provide the best meals.

Our meat is supplied by The Berliner, a well known German butchery renowned for the quality of it’s meat.

Our Danish pastries come from Denmark, our Croissants from France, and best of all, our cream comes from Ireland.

Many of our herbs and greens are home grown in our own gardens and are truly organic.

If you have a dietary restriction, please let us know and our chefs will make every effort to assist you.

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