Finger Food and Tea Menus

Finger Food and Tea menus for that Casual Event

A variety of finger food and tea menus are available for casual events and cocktail functions.

These menus allow you to select items ranging from simple to sophisticated depending on the style of event you are planning. Finger food items are prepared using less expensive ingredients, while our canapes tend to make use of more exclusive ingredients.

Everything we offer is tasty and attractive and designed to provide you with food served in such a way that it will impress your guests. All items are freshly prepared in our kitchen specifically for your function.

Canapes for a more formal gathering or Cocktail party:

Canapes are served on ceramic platters.

Ceramic platters can be placed on tables for your guests to help themselves or served ‘floating’ by our trained waiters who will circulate amongst your guests with the platters allowing your guests to help themselves without breaking into their conversation.


Remember that all finger food is intended to be no more than a snack, if you have guests who are expecting to receive a full meal, then they will be disappointed with the amount of food they receive. For this reason, these menus are only available for serving between 09h00 and 11h00 in the morning and between 15h00 and 17h00 in the afternoon. In certain cirumstances, where Canapes are being served as a taster with wine for more formal evening business functions, these times may be extended into the early evening.

Alternatively, you may wish to hire a private venue for your function.

It Doesn’t end with the food:


Our barmen are all trained to prepare a wide range of cocktails


Remember our highly trained barmen can also provide a complete range of cocktail drinks, shooters, freezos, coffees, Lattes etc to complement your food selection.

Function Charge:

Functions (such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers etc) are regularly catered for at Blandford Manor.

If you are planning on something simple and just want to have a meal as you would in any restaurant, then you would book a table in the normal way and you will be treated as any other restaurant guests. Please do not arrive and expect any special treatment other than a warm welcome and best wishes from our staff.

If on the other hand you would like to go to town and make the event more like a celebration, then we offer two solutions:

1. Choose one of our Buffet or Set Menus (note some menus are only available for 20 or more guests)and you are good to go, everything you require to make your day very special is available:

  • Tables will be set with table cloths and table settings to suit your chosen menu.
  • Tables will be provided for your cake (one cake is permitted) and for your gifts
  • You are allowed to bring in decor such as overlays, flowers, balloons, seat covers, tie backs and bunting
  • Note: no confetti or coloured ribbon is allowed


  • Note: We DO NOT cater for children’s parties

Please note the following:

  • You must restrict your activities to the area around your tables – please do not allow your guests to occupy adjacent tables.
  • No music or singing is allowed
  • Children with your party must be controlled so as to not interfere with the enjoyment of other restaurant patrons
  • Decor must be setup immediately before your function and removed immediately after your function – this is your responsibility, Manor staff are not permitted to assist you with this activity.
  • Please ensure that you bring everything you need to set up, we cannot assist you with the supply of tape, string, ladders, scissors, Presstik etc.

Notes regarding our various finger menus:

  • All our finger food and tea menus are available only before 11h00 and after 15h00.
  • We do not offer platters
  • All dishes are subject to availability
  • A Minimum of 8 guests are required for finger and tea menus
  • No venue hire is charged with set finger menus when served in the gardens (or indoors in the event of rain or inclement weather).
  • A basic service fee has been included in the price of our set finger and tea menus, however please remember to tip your waiters if you feel they have worked hard to make your day that little bit more special.
  • A self-service tea and coffee station can be provided – charge R400
  • Food remaining when you have finished your event (with the exception of complete cakes) may be taken home.
  • Food will be served at the time requested prior to the event. Should organisers / guests arrive late then it may be impossible to delay the serving time due to demands on the kitchen from other functions / guests.
  • You will be charged for the number of people indicated to us latest 3 days before your function, there is no reduction if fewer people arrive. If more people arrive than indicated, we will make every effort to accommodate them and they will be charged at the same rate as other guests. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate them.
  • Note we intentionally allow some leeway for guests to arrive and settle before serving (our duty manager will monitor the situation to the best of his ability), if you wish the food to be delivered exactly at a given time, even if guests are arriving late, please let us know in advance (remember there is no extension in time if guests arrive late).
  • Finger Food menus and Teas are set menus, there can be no adjustment for special dietary requirements.
  • Full payment is required in advance of the event
  • Please talk to us if you would like to reserve a private indoor venue

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